How does hypnosis work ?
Having regression through hypnosis

How does hypnosis work ? hypnosis is a trance like state that means a therapist can help to find memories that are causing mental illness. Post traumatic stress disorder is a mental condition whereby the patient all manner of unpleasant symptoms.

For some mental health issues and conditions hypnosis is the perfect solution. As a matter of fact if used properly and responsibly it could save the NHS millions in medication. Habitual patterns such as smoking and over eating could be stopped for good without the use of medication at all.

In which conditions could it be dangerous ?

In which conditions could it be dangerous
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How does hypnosis work ?

it basically changes the way our brain deals with each thought process. Coupled with how the brain deals with certain triggers. In light of the fact some triggers are visual and some auditory . Hypnosis can retrain the mind to react differently when certain situations become difficult for the patient. In many cases it can be life changing. Anxiety and trauma based panic attacks can be crippling . In addition to being crippling they inhibit the patients life to such a degree it’s disabling. Hypnosis will change the path taken through the brain when the patient is in a situation that causes the mind to go into panic.

Regression through hypnosis

Hypnotherapy can be a very effective alternative to medication for many conditions but especially anxiety based conditions. Hypnosis sometimes has to be repeated at various intervals if the behavior pattern manifests again. For many this is still a much better alternative to life long drug taking. When a patient suffers panic attacks for exams and tests, hypnotherapy half an hour before the event can really help and in fact can be more effective than drugs.

For tests such as driving tests, hypnotherapy can change the brain waves to stop the feeling many find so problematic. Shaking and nausea, stomach craps and needing the toilet frequently. Those that suffer “blank brain ” as they walk into an exam hall or driving test center. These panic attacks can stop some very capable people achieving their goals. Hypnotherapy can help with that so change the course of their lives.