How and why does evil exist ?

How and why does evil exist ? What makes a person want to do things that are considered evil? Do we have this trait in all of us? Comparatively we all have the ability for good within us. Balance has to exist and that means evil or negative energy has to exist. Creating a balance in the universe. Each action whether it is good or evil must have a balancing energy. For example the rule of karma and all that is done comes around eventually.

Can people change from being just evil?

Can people change ?
Truth or lies? can we tell the difference ?,the%20prefrontal%20cortex%2C%20and%20the%20extended%20paralimbic%20structures.?msclkid=29be05dcb02d11ec8d498121debb417a

Science has confirmed that the brain of a psychopath is fundamentally different to the normal brain. The amygdala is physically smaller. Coupled with the pre frontal cortex being physically different. Furthermore it raises questions. Is it possible for people to change? Genetics may play a part or brain injury. It’s true there is an old saying ” A leopard never changes it’s spots” , However it seems that is not always the case. There are stories by the thousands of those rehabilitated after displaying evil behavior. Somewhere in the process and divisions between the brain and the mind is the ability to change.

How and why does evil exist ?

In light of recent events in the news we can witness, I believe, the damage that mental illness can do. War in the Ukraine is brought about by those that have a need for ultimate power. Wanting to initiate change is the first step and the biggest.

How and why does evil exist ?

In truth we never actually stop learning through life. For instance though there are many who simply don’t feel the need. Indeed the real issues begin when these individuals are elected into power. Thinking they don’t need to feel reproach for anything they do.

Also true of an individual that chooses to murder say. Coupled with idea that unless they are a pure psychopath anyone can change their ways. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to be retrained. Coupled with the constantly growing knowledge of self. Many more of us are becoming self aware that we are self critical. Self awareness is more important than ever when negotiating difficult times. Whether it be in our own life or on a global scale.

our universe is made of energy

It’s all relevant

From the individual in the street to a global scale doesn’t really matter it’s all relevant. For every individual event such as a passing or major life event there is a parallel event in the wider population. There have been many stories of people being radicalised into terrorism and then completely pulling away and turning over a new leaf. Equally a person who commits a series of crimes, then deciding it’s time to go straight. One story I heard in particular was of a man who was radicalised as a young teenager into neo nazism . He went through this stage of life and met his true love. Importantly he realised his past and background would need to change, The birth of his son would change everything.

We must keep learning

We are here to learn

Never stop learning. Nobody is exempt and we are all capable of recognising the need for our spiritual learning to be continuous throughout life. After all life is one big learning curve. If you don’t feel you learnt anything you weren’t watching and listening. So what happens with actual physical brain damage? Physical brain damage can be caused by a physical trauma or psychological trauma. for instance Electric shock therapy was used to change the electrical pulses in the brain. Indeed sealing off trauma paths in the brain and diverting the thought pulses away from the damaged area worked to a degree, The best way to see change is self awareness and enlightenment. It is possible and it does happen.