Depression and how it affects lives

Hitting rock bottom in life tends to bring out the best in people who have good intentions. In some however ,bitterness can make hitting rock bottom a fuel for negativity. Some see the short term parts of life where it seems to rain shite. We some how think we are the only ones to suffer this. Everyone goes through it and we can either suffer or look at how we can improve ourselves because of it.

Hitting rock bottom

When your life hits the skids it always shows you who is loyal and cares for you than the superficial. At the time all this is taking place it can feel like you are being kicked when you’re already down. The reality is that a situation that is not serving us has to fall . In order for us to see who is worth having around. Unfortunately we can be shocked and feel let down if those we thought were there for us, turn out to be the ones jumping off the sinking ship. I found out the hard way that a handful of people in my life I thought I was close were the ones holding the biggest daggers. Once they have planted them firmly between your shoulder blades, they twist it.

Let them go

Let these people go. It may be that they have served the purpose they were supposed to have in your life. If a person wants to leave your life they are not a positive influence. It can hurt emotionally for a while. However this can sometimes be the lesson we have to learn. The need to process negative emotions is as important as the opposite. Because we hate the unpleasant feelings we tend to bury the negative ones. Guilty as charged. During the lowest points in my life so far I have lost people. It hurts a great deal until you are far enough away from the situation to view them objectively. It’s these situations that enable us to grow.

Guilty as charged

I’ve been standing at the bottom of the well refusing to look up at the daylight. It feels easier to look at the floor you have just hit! You can’t go any further down so it’s comfortable to stay in the down position. Nothing more to lose right ? Wrong. Until you learn to process the bad with the good, the bottom is all you can see. You have to hit the bottom of the well in order to look up and see the light again. Light can become comfortable too, even more so. We tend to take it for granted. So it doesn’t hurt every so often to be reminded.

In my work I have noticed that it’s quite often those born into privilege that have never had to worry about losing the basics in life. They are the ones that cry the loudest when it’s taken away. During the pandemic it was those with education and wealth that took their liberty for granted. Feeling that it was basic birth right to do as they please instead of a privilege. Nothing has to be worked for and so they feel entitled. Of course not all are this way. Those that started in humble beginnings and rose to fortune, the self made. Quite often they are generous to those in need and can empathise with difficult times.

We are lent this life

We borrow our time on earth from the minute we are born it’s borrowed time. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the rut of taking life for granted. We are not owed anything. We must appreciate what is given to us. Staying at home on furlough during the lockdowns was not an entitlement, it was a luxury. One that we are now all paying dearly for. We were not entitled to be paid for nothing. Many still had to work through the pandemic and were not paid anymore for the risks they took.

there is light at the end of the tunnel
Forest with sunlight. The sun rays through branches of trees

Everyday is a gift we were not promised. Every cloud DOES have a silver lining. It can be very difficult to see it at the time though. So much can colour our view. Indeed the small events sent to try tend to add up and become as over whelming as the big falls. Quite often we are our own worst enemy and again, Guilty as charged. Depression is a condition that is very difficult to shake off. Not easy to avoid either. In fact it can sneak up on us and settle in before we realise. Once there it grows and can start to feel like our normal state of affairs. Draining our energy and our physical health. Learning to recognise the signs can be invaluable.