Heaven and Hell.. not just religious contd .We meet various soul mates through the course of our lives . They are significant relationships that become life changing. Generally we make the mistake of total focus on the person and not the relationship/ connection you both create. The connection would be nothing without the two of you involved.

Any connection will be both heaven and hell at times, separately and simultaneously. Looking for what feels right and not just what our eyes see, it makes me wonder why we only believe what we see with our own eyes.

Heaven and Hell.. not just religious contd

Heaven and Hell.. not just religious contd


quite often what we feel is interpreted by our minds and put into images. Therefore what we see with our eyes isn’t always what we feel to be right. Hell is an interpretation of what we feel takes us to hell. War, violent crime and heartbreak. All of us find pieces of heaven and hell in our lives all the time.

Hell is often what we see as our life gone wrong. Global hell, like a war or pandemic we tend to see as mutual and therefore we don’t tend to blame ourselves for it. However we are all collectively responsible for the way we deal with these events. Our collective attitude to it is what takes the event in one direction or another. If we all did something about the crappy attitude currently being displayed by a minority of people we would get out of lockdown quicker.

It’s true though that hell helps us recognise heaven again. As a matter of fact we need the hell every so often to identify heaven again. Unfortunately we often forget. Brought about by hell we recall the comforting memories of heaven and it drives us to be there once again. I think I’ve made my point. If all this is true then challenges in life that we see as hell are merely a work out for the soul. It’s not a test. Liken it to eating too much ice cream and putting that weight you shed back on again. We need reminding not to undone too much of the hard work. If we do we will almost certainly go back to hell or being fat. Only this time it could be worse.

we come out the other side stronger in heart and mind. Each time we come our stronger, a challenge has to be worse than the last time for us to call it hell. That way we can deal with hell much easier. Until we become immune and then we really are home ! to be contd