Are your heart and brain in harmony?

click on the link to have a look at “Gaia”. There are some very interesting documentaries on this subject

How do these guys manage it?

I’m have no idea. Either they are in dire need of therapy. Or they have the perfect balance. The surge in deaths from Coronavirus, was draining. Not just emotionally, in every way. Humans are selfish by nature and their job was difficult. We could have made it a whole lot easier!!

Sleep Deprivation

The stress caused by sleep deprivation. The emotional issues raised by their own fear and anxieties. Fear of their workplace under seize. Constantly surrounded by death. Wondering if they could have saved them. Feelings of helplessness.

With the NHS at full tilt. The nation on “lockdown”. There were collective energies and emotions around the globe. These ranged from shock, fear, admiration, love, anger. The globe saw an outcry of emotion. The energy of which is going to ring in our ears for a long time.

Heart and brain harmony

How do we achieve it? Why do we need it? Can you die from a broken heart? if you look at the facts the answer is “Yes”.

Did you know that the human heart has cells that transmit emotion? The amygdala plays a huge part in how we respond to a given situation. With a pandemic in full swing we are all struggling with intense emotions. Anxiety is high and fueled by uncertainty. For many, it has changed lives beyond recognition

Fear….We need it


Fear again comes from the basic survival instinct. If we didn’t feel fear, we would not know to protect ourselves. We have not always been toward the top of the food chain. Our brain is hard wired to be afraid of predators. That has evolved with our surroundings. . It just has to be others worries. We fear each other mainly. We fear money and spend our time searching for it.

Heart and Brain harmony…. it is a must for survival

As a direct result of our society changing. We have developed egos. Fear failure. Crave success. This puts our hearts and brains in direct conflict. In my years as a driving instructor, I have noticed the fear of failure growing. Our young people are in terrible conflict with themselves. Times like these we need to live a more simple life. Learn to appreciate the vital balance.

The way ahead is heart/ brain harmony.

Heart and brain harmony is a mindset and is essential to survival. Intuition is a life skill not a paranormal experience. The Pineal gland is designed to give us intuition, that gut feeling. The gut feeling we all use to make decisions. Using that part of our brains more will start to bring that harmony.

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