regression through hypnosis
losing parts of your brain and memories can feel like part of you is actually missing

Having regression through hypnosis is unique to the human brain Our minds allow us to travel back in time to any memory we chose to examine. We can replay the CCTV we call our unconscious. Hypnotherapy can easily access the subconscious but the big boss at the back ( unconscious) can be another matter.


Coupled with repressed memory recall, you need to be careful of false memories being planted. In light of recalling traumatic memories it is easy to become confused with memories that get jumbled with other memories. Similarly repressed memories that we have forgotten completely can still affect our lives everyday. Thinking we have forgotten them and therefore dealt with it. Triggers can happen in meeting someone that on some level reminds us of a past relationship or person that hurt us, Without even realising it we may walk away from a relationship or opportunity that would be good for us. Making decisions that would maybe go in a different direction if we dealt with the original association.

Is hypnosis the answer to all mental health issues ?

Regression through hypnosis

Our brains are very much like a computer and mental illness is like a virus that causes the brain to become ill. Just like a virus trauma can have the same effect on our minds as a virus on a computer. Remembering some events and not others. Causing us to feel confused and depressed. Similarly virus causes a computer starts to lose files saved to the hard drive and programs start to malfunction. What we do with a PC is reprogram it with different software. Hypnosis basically changes our software or uploads a better memory. Sounds easy and the perfect solution. However humans are organic and so are our brains. We have freewill. We can block reprograming if we wanted to. If the patient doesn’t want change the issue or memories then the hypnosis either won’t work or will partially work and cause damage.