Have we become too complicated? In being so tolerant of the many different types of attraction and relationships. Have we made life too complex and confusing? Has our diverse society got too complicated? In light of all the new genders and sexualities.

Diverse or too complex?

We can either think that society is opening up and becoming more laid back. Tolerance growing of those who were once deemed as living a life of taboo. The issue with this is life becomes more complex. Political correctness is tolerance gone mad. Living in democracy we should be able to say and live how we see fit. Happiness in life has to be the most important thing. Happiness for one person may mean sadness or loss for another. Cycles is the way life works.

Have we become too complicated ?

I recently watched a movie called “Worth ” the main character was a lawyer representing the victims of the 9/11 attacks. Complex cases were an understatement and the far reaching ripple effects of lives being ripped open.


Studying the very difficult subject of “how much is life worth”. Putting a price on any life is impossible. Money in any amount is never going to replace the person lost. The Ripple effect was in full swing here. Lives were lost in different ways when double lives were uncovered and families were forced not only to griever for their loved ones but to face issues swept under the carpets.

Complex lives mean more and more ripples go out when (in this case) a brick is thrown into the pond. Heart break became living hell when a firefighter had lost his life in the attacks. Children with two women and neither knew of the other. In light of this it becomes a test of one of the women ( his wife) to split the compensation she received with her husband’s mistress and second family. Love in it’s entirerity .

The two women found out about each other and the children were put first. So the ripple effect took a hold of so many lives that weren’t even present at the twin towers. We all focused on those who tragically died that day but the lives they left behind were changed forever.

We can’t plan everything

the ripple effect
The Ripple Effect

We can all plan our lives to a degree but so much of it depends on decisions made by others. With this in mind how do we plan for the future ? Thousands of people went to work that day and had no idea that their lives were going to end or changed forever. In light of that fact is it possible to live the kind of simple, ordered life our grandparents seemed to live? Did the taboos and rules of society keep life more simple.

Complicated relationships mean that we are or have to be more adaptable to changes. Traditional relationships that can’t adapt tend to end or become very unhappy. Is this why the divorce laws have had to become so easy and liberal ? you no longer have to have a reason to divorce. Adultery is no longer necessary to prove the marriage is irretrievable. Many would say that’s a bad thing.

Has marriage just become a contract or convenience?

Has the concept of marriage changed from a romantic notion of ever lasting love? two people that love each other so much they can’t bare the thought of being apart. More importantly divorce has become something that happens everyday and is seen as normal. Has society become more tolerant or have morals slipped ? I guess it depends on your point of view. The way we were brought up with the influence of our parents morals and attitudes.