COVID- 19 change life as we knew it?

Have a great New Year!!! Looking back on 2021 it’s been a pivotal year for many of us. In light of the grim start with many people lost to Covid-19 and the country in lockdown. True it could have been the beginning of the end for many in terms of livelihoods and personal relationships.


Have a great New Year!!!

At the beginning of 2021 it looked very much like many of our lives would change forever. In light of the lockdowns and the effect of that on mental health. For instance businesses were under threat of closure resulting in loss of jobs for hundreds or thousands of people. Anxiety making decisions were having to be taken and re-evaluation was taking place with many of us. Coupled with the many that lost loved ones, my view is that everyone of us was affected in some way by this global disaster.

Happy new year !!!
Atypical Depression

Mental health toll larger than the death poll?

Depression and anxiety caused by grief, loss and uncertainty. Because our lives were turned upside down by covid-19 the mental health effects have touched every single one of us. Whether it was grief or our security we all lost something. Although when it looks like we are losing everything remember this. Nothing changes unless we come out of our comfort zone. For instance in 2015 I was running into trouble all over my life and I hit rock bottom. Having depression for a few months and then a broken ankle destroyed my the business. My second try at my marriage fell apart and by 2017 I was three days away from being homeless with two under age children. It was a friend that bailed me out and I bought a caravan.

Always the people you don’t expect to help you

Family were not the ones to help at that lowest time in my life. Friends became the important focus. However one of the lessons I learnt at that time was the people you least expect to help are the ones that save you. People I shunned and dismissed turned out to be the ones on my side. I witnessed the very worst and the very best in myself and those around me. How self serving I could be and narcissistic. Because I didn’t notice those flaws in myself I had surrounded myself with the same kinds of people. It was a small number of people around me that stood by me. Because I no longer served their needs the rest could not be seen for dust.

Moral of the story always look below the surface

Has the pandemic changed us forever?

Have a great New Year!!!

Going back to my very first place of work was the first step to recovery. When the pandemic hit and we were sent into lockdown it gave me time to stand still and reflect. Look at the people around me and think about those that have helped me over that four year period. Realising that they had given me so much and now it was time to start giving back. The Pride I had in my two daughters for their strength and support. My friends at the Mermaid and My closest friend of all time. When those you love support you and encourage you to be the very best version of yourself, the best way to repay them is to be the very best version of yourself. Be ready to return the love and support they have shown you at your lowest. The lockdowns gave me the chance to realise it was time for me to try and return what I had been given.

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