fear of a storm

FEAR OF THE STORM is real… continuing on from the last post and why we fear the storms of life. We look at the bad days we know are coming and think it’s easier to just stay on medication to help us cope. The fact it that the longer we leave it the more difficult it becomes to deal with life yourself. Work on some coping strategies for the days when you will feel the unpleasant side effects and intense emotions that will be the withdrawal storm. Know that these storms will get less intense and further apart. try marking them on a calendar so that you can see your progress in real terms.

FEAR OF THE STORM is real… the storm is different for everyone

the storm is different for everyone



Knowing how your own body tends to react to certain things, sit and write a list of the symptoms you think you may endure. After that write down next to them how you will cope when and if they arise. This will help you see it as a controllable situation and is not a reason for anxiety or panic. Remember the situation will only get better. One of the side effects can be troubling over the others. Nightmares or terrors are very common when withdrawing from the stronger antidepressants and mood stabilizing drugs. This is your mind trying to make sense of it all. It’s normal and whilst frightening and unsettling it will pass. Remember it will pass.

chanelling restless energy


When life sends us more than what seems like our fair share of storms and Sh1t, it can be easy to throw in the towel and give up. The problem is when we are not being given challenges to deal with, what would we do all day. The fact is that different people have a different understanding of the word challenge. If you are suffering from a hefty episode of depression, then getting out of bed could be the challenge of the day.

For some their particular challenge maybe meeting going the funeral of a loved one or something material like finding this month’s rent. The fact is that life is a challenge. It’s meant to be a challenge, without challenge we would all be bored to tears. Having a couple of friends with very easy lives compared with some, they seem to find life’s little niggles hugely challenging because they have been fortunate enough to escape the big issues life can throw. Constant, what seems like bad luck, can get very tedious and even burn us out.


Take the current global situation for example, it’s definitely the “you know what hitting the fan” of a very large scale. But think of it this way. On a personal/individual level, moving house can be a huge challenge and is certainly stressful. The global issue with the pandemic is just moving house in the bigger picture. The difference being it affects us all. More over, there is nothing we can do but ride the storm out. Unfortunately we don’t always make good decisions when it comes to leaders, however they are not in the best positions currently, whatever their politics may be.

fear of the storm is real


All life storms are relevant to us. To our situations at the time. to our mental state and the stronger that is the better we will perceive and deal with the storms. They make us who we are. Show our true selves. Storms show us how life can change on a dime and we can’t take anything or anyone in our lives for granted.