Facing the truth can be painful and we have all come across situations where we hate hearing it. Truth always hurts but why? Human nature is such that we fear hearing the truth. Sometimes it can blindside us when we least expect it. Therefore it must be better to deal with the truth in the first place. Not so easy when emotion is involved.

we value trust
Trust the essential ingredient

As humans we tend to value trust. Those close to us are allowed even closer when we trust them. Some find that easier than others. Similarly is you have been bitten in the past you will think twice before we trust again. But how many times have you turned on yourself ? hit the self destruct button. Trauma paths in the brain affect the way we make decisions in the future. Especially if the situation we are in at the time reminds us of the original trauma. In the light of that information is it actually impossible for us to trust again if we were hurt so badly it created brain damage? Similarly can we still re train our minds to avoid the trauma paths?

Depending on how long ago the trauma occurred, hypnotherapy can help to change the way you think when making emotionally stacked decisions. If the trauma has been there long enough for it to be stored in the unconscious it is extremely difficult to get to. Neuro linguistic programming can help also with more deep seated memories. However when a memory is unconscious it becomes part pf who you are. Trauma makes us stronger and wiser. As a result we learn and pass that wisdom on to others.

Never walk the path by moonlight

never walk the path in moonlight
Which is your fear ?

A saying my grandmother handed down was “Never walk the garden path by moonlight “. Asking her to explain she said ” you will never see the whole garden by moonlight, Always wait and see everything in daylight. Never make decisions when you can’t sleep at night. Our bodies are always at their lowest at between 2 -3am. With this in mind we don’t tend to see and feel the same about something in broad daylight .

There is a connection between the human mind and the moon. Especially the full moon. Studies and experience has proved that the mind is affected by the full moon. Serial crimes and mental illness have been attributed to it.

Facing the truth

We tend to feel the need for control over our lives. Fear of failure can push many into self destruction in order to gain control over a situation. For some reason we seem to prefer destruction at our own hand to at the hand of another, even if that person had no intention of knocking us down. We feel it’s better to beat them to it. So what we have to do is evaluate every situation and or person on their own merit and decide on whether it could cause us harm. Sounds easy doesn’t it ? It takes maturity and experience to master our fears, because that’s actually what we are dealing with. The fear of failure and truth comes from within us. We decide what the truth is before we even have any evidence of it. Our minds use a past template instead of seeing first impressions as exactly that.