Ever seen a truly dark night ? lockdowns have given us time to stand still and really look around us. Less light pollution has meant you can look up at the night sky and notice it is truly dark. Realising you are literally looking up into space. Awe struck is not the right words to describe it. Seeing that far with the naked eye is incredible. Never ever clear. Millions of stars. When you think that the only reason we can see them is because the light from each one is so bright that it takes a few minutes to get to us.



Having the time and inclination to stand and really look up at the night sky there is so much more to see than the stars. Planets come into view. Normally taking it all for granted is something we are all guilty of. Beautiful and amazing light of the full moon. Everything looks so different in the light of the moon than the sun. Softer light, seen as romantic. Just a different kind of light. Different light, different perspective. Having all this time on our hands can be used to give us all a different perspective on our lives. Look at ourselves and our lives in a different light.

Ever seen a truly dark night ?

Ever seen a truly dark night ?

The above image probably gives a good impression of how the world looks to many currently. Losing loved ones, jobs and lives being turned upside down. If that’s the case then go outside tonight and really look. Light takes time to get to us. New light will come and we can see where to go. Think how you can come out of lockdown a better person/ stronger person than you went it. Has your life changing forever been a blessing in disguise. In many cases it takes our lives being pulled down, shaken up and turned around to help us see there are other roads and options.

Looking at the above image, there is light coming from somewhere. We are a tiny part of a very large and ever expanding universe. There is so much we still don’t know. Maybe it’s meant to be that way. If we know everything then what do we strive for? There would be nothing left to try and achieve. Nothing to look up at a say “wow”. I wonder how far away that star is? I wonder what is around it. Human beings need questions.