Empaths and guilt. The eternal thorn
What triggers you? Are you an empath?

Empaths and guilt. The eternal thorn

Empaths and guilt. The eternal thorn. Guilt is something empaths tend to feel a lot of . Setting enormously high standards for themselves. Standard setting is easy but sustaining and living by them is another matter. Ambition for most empaths is to make those around them happy. When they fall off the pedestal their loved ones put them on, they tend to wallow in guilt. Born from the high bar they cannot sustain for any length of time. It’s like a strict diet. Nobody is perfect and every so often we fall short of our expectations. Empaths pick up on and sense their partner’s disappointment and it crushes them.

empaths and a broken heart
Broken Heart with Band Aid

Empaths and guilt. The eternal thorn

A broken heart is something empaths can endure again and again. Mainly because they tend to attract narcissists. An empath is the gift that just keeps on giving. Moreover they will sacrifice their own happiness to ensure that of their loved one.

Empaths get their hearts broken again and again. They create bliss in their relationships because they give their all when in love . Being life’s “givers” they attract life’s “takers”. Narcissists are attracted to empaths like moths to a flame. Creating the bliss also comes with suffering the immense emotional that is on the other side of the coin. When there are arguments, conflict or the relationship breaks down they can feel their partner’s pain as well as their own. Their hearts break for both sides. Empaths know that one day they will suffer one broken heart too many yet still keep falling on their own double edged sword.


empaths love on every level
Empaths love on every level. Loving the heart, mind, soul and body of their partner. From their perception what’s the point of loving another person if you are only going to love parts of them. The downside of this is they tend end up in relationships with people that are not capable of reciprocating that love. Coming to the conclusion myself that maybe empaths are here to try and teach those unfortunates how to love on every level. Maybe?

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