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Empaths and guilt. The eternal thorn

Empaths and another endless subject

The many sides of an empath. Being empathic Has many advantages, but you have to be aware of the downsides. Empaths are capable of picking up and reacting to the energies of others. The energy we constantly give off around their bodies it's called our aura. All auras are of different intensities. Empaths are capable of sensing and reading these auras.

Empaths Have many different aspects to their personalities and many different skills and talents. With the emotional centre of their brain being more developed and those with a Neurotypical pathology. In fact empaths are emotionally intelligent. Also able to understand and in fact mirror emotions of others. The amazing part of this is being able to sense and feel emotions of someone with whom they have a close connection even when they are physically miles apart. Being a form of mind reading, being an empath it's something that holds a great deal of responsibility. Making sure that you respect others boundaries and personal space. In the same way that you would expect others to respect yours, not respecting these boundaries can be very detrimental and draining to those around you, whether you are an empath or not.

Empaths and another endless subject

Empaths tend to be good at remote viewing. This is where they can sense events, emotions, and the general mental energy of people and situations they are not physically close to. This of course can be misused. Obviously invading the privacy of others can lead to some serious problems. However this talent can be very useful to everyone if controlled and used properly. Our brains are far more capable than we give them credit for. Indeed we only use between 10 and 15% of our brain capacity, where is the empath uses a little more.

Being very good at suppressing the negative parts of their emotions and psyche. Being good at suppressing that which they are not good at and focusing all their energy on the positive it's a talent I am known for. Being able to see the positive in every situation and make the best of it to make these people the best friend you've ever had. Being very resourceful and having the ability to remain calm makes them to go to friend. However in pets can have a dark side just like any of us can. As well as being able to read someone's mind empaths are very good reading body language. 

Empaths are multifaceted

empaths are multifaceted
A serious dislike for debates or conflict , The empath will stand back and view any situation from above and everybody's point of view. Negative energy and conflict upset the generally balanced energy of all empaths. This means that they will try and avoid conflict at all costs. Not always being the best course of action, as sometimes conflict is necessary, once conflict is reached the impact in the situation will generally be the one to calm everybody down. Being able to gauge the mood and emotions of everybody involved I am very good at finding a compromise and solution.

On many occasions empaths are accused of being cold or detached. This is not the case they are just very adept at removing themselves from any situation. Importantly even if it's the situation they are directly involved in, they can still rise above and look at the situation from the birds eye view. In fact the stronger the connection they have with an individual, the more data and information they are capable of collecting from the individual. This makes them very good at building the kinds of connections that many people only dream of.

Empaths and another endless subject

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We all crave that special connection between us and someone special. empaths are a very good at creating those one off special connections. Being adept at creating very strong, intimate and deep connections, empaths are capable of creating the perfect relationship, within the confines of a connection so strong it will never be broken. However there is always a flipside to every situation. The perfect relationship, there is really no such thing. The intensity of the positive is always matched by the intensity of the negative. Indeed to have the perfect relationship these two energies must be equal and balanced.

Empath I'm very finely tuned senses, which means they are very sensitive to search taste and smell. These attributes can be exceptionally useful. Empath always Have a very finely tuned intuition that means they always rely on there "gut reaction ". The best part of that is that their intuition always seems to be right. The art of being able to trust your own intuition, and indeed develop that intuition even further, means that you have to completely trust yourself and your intuition. If you have any doubt in your own ability as an empath then you will not trust your own intuition. This also means that it won't develop and fine tune into you're most efficient tool in life.