Dysthymia all too common Mild depressive symptoms that last for most of a day. Spanning 2 years or more.. Mild depressive symptoms that last for most of a day. Spanning 2 years or more. Very common in young people. Constant pressure to perform and not enough play. Failure is not an option. Life is for living not to satisfy a league table of schools. Of course education is extremely important. Being a child and enjoying life is also essential. Some children and young adults think that feeling constantly under pressure and fed up is normal. Now that’s sad.

Feeling fed up all the time



Coupled with being empathic many dysthymic adults suffer compassion fatigue. Empaths are people that are easy to talk to and therefore those with problems are drawn to them. Covering up dysthymia most of the time is achievable and so they tend to listen to others. Soaking up their emotion and mixing it with their own. This can get very draining and those with dysthymia tend to suffer emotional burn out. Many in the emergency services tend to suffer conditions like dysthymia and PTSD.

Dysthymia all too common

Asperger’s is a condition linked with dysthymia. struggling with non verbal communication is the biggest symptom of Asperger’s syndrome. It can be very much akin to autism. Emotions displayed that are not completely obvious are difficult to interpret and therefore difficult to respond to. Dysthymic adults fear rejection and so tend to prefer their own company. Separation anxiety that may have started when they were a child and was severe. Interactions with someone that has had a bad day and hates the world at that point. Would be taken personally by a person with asperger’s or dysthymia. They will automatically think that they are the cause of your bad day.

controlling relationships

Controlling relationships

Those with anxiety and depressive conditions tend to end up in controlling relationships. PTSD and brain trauma injuries are both life long conditions that actually change the way the person thinks and permanently changes the brain. The symptoms of which can be overwhelming. Being people pleasers by nature are attracted to those that enjoy being pleased. Easy for a while at least. Until they realise it’s like trying to fill a bottomless pit. Then the problem tends to be getting out of said relationship.

perfect people don’t and will never exist. So surely it would be better to accept each other and ourselves for who we are. Could we actually stop using each other to repair our wounds. The depressive pandemic is on us and maybe the Covid issue was sent for us all to stand still and think for a while, Our normal busy lives needed to be stopped for those that can think about the way we are living and what we are doing to our mental health.

This pandemic won’t be cured by a vaccine though. We are the only ones that can change the way we see life. Stop bullying and causing anxiety in each other. Cut down the cases of depression and anxiety that could be avoided. There are of course many cases that are clinical and are medical. Social media and the more complicated we make our lives are the weapons that people are using to attack each others mental health.

If you think you may be suffering from depression or anxiety, don’t leave it too long to ask for help. When a person has depression though, quite often they are unaware of how far they are in. So if someone you know is changing their behavior for the worse. If you fear they may be going downhill mentally, talk to them and see if they can be encouraged to seek help.