The next pandemic

Do you overthink? oh yes far too much. Uncertain times like the present doesn’t exactly help you stop either. None of us know what the future holds in terms of security is the same for most of us. Changes of a different kind are always good though. In my case these changes in the long term can only make the future more secure.


Do you overthink?

Whatever happens, happens. Similarly not thinking about things can mean you end allowing life to just wash over you. As a matter of fact the saying “All things in moderation” is a good way to attack most of life’s challenges. Knowing people that are happy to allow life to get into a simple routine. Coupled with getting into a comfortable rut. Indeed that would make for a pretty boring time and wouldn’t be enough for many today. Finding a happy medium between the two can be tricky. In the light of the current situation we all find ourselves in, some changes are forced on us. These aren’t worth worrying about because all we can do is run with it. Making the best of it is all we can do.

Do you overthink?

Ask yourself one question ?

If you feel that you are getting overwhelmed make a list. Write a list of all the thoughts in your head that are causing you to worry. Ask of each one, can I do anything about it ? if the answer is no then there’s no point in overthinking it. Next thing to do is strike it off the list. It’s surprising how much smaller that list becomes very quickly. Any thoughts you are left with maybe problems . These are the ones you set about finding a solution to. We tend to over think when emotion gets involved because it can color judgement. Likewise if a situation, person or relationship means a lot to us then over thinking can creep up on us.

Do you over think ?

depending on whether you see challenges as “things going wrong” is what dictates how we view life really. There are no such things as problems only solutions. The issues I find come when we become burnt out with the constant fight that seems to be life for some of us. It can easily seem as though we lurch from one disaster to another. Is that the truth or is it just we are viewing it? If we overthink then we are more likely to see life in the more negative light. A good way of pulling the levels up again is when life give you lemons, don’t suck on them, look for the lemonade recipe.

Try not to take everything to heart

My mother used to say I could make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear as if it was a bad thing. For many years I took it as an insult because she meant it as a negative. She felt my ability to see the good in anything was a sign I was delusional or a fantasist. In some situations that may have been the case. However I have seen my philosophy work for more people than not since. Thus it’s one I have adopted again. If you can find the good in something then by definition it’s not all bad is it?!