Do you have the imagination to deal with reality ? A famous quote comes to mind. “Few people have the imagination for reality “. Meaning not many can see the good in everything. Many believe that imagination is a kin to fantasy or delusion. Keeping your feet firmly and constantly on the ground is the only sensible way to live. Not sure I agree.

healing power of creativity

Do you have the imagination to deal with reality ?

Delusion is where you are convinced that the reality you see is in fact something quite different and refuse to see anything else. Ability to see the positive even childlike wonder in any situation is very different. Losing a loved one is very painful however being positive enough to celebrate their life is using imagination.

Grow together

Conjuring images of joyful memories and the good they brought to us cannot be likened to delusion. Working on that premise we would be saying anybody with religion is deluded. Thinking of how that person enhanced your life with their presence. Teaching us to grow from relationships of all kinds. Developing a belief in life after death helps us deal with a loved one passing away. Of course it’s comforting to think they are still around us in spirit. In light of the physical gap in our lives we try and fill that gap. Losing our faith in life and why we are here tends to spiral into depression and sometimes bitterness.

ultimate stress busters
Dogs especially are little stress busters

Similarly losing a furry friend can devastate us. From a personal angle I have a propensity to a strong love for dogs in particular. Drawing on my happy memories shared with a dog I lost three years ago. Other dogs have come into my life whom have given me joy. Mac will always be “the one” I will always miss. Having a friend that believes those who develop deep bonds with their dogs are incapable of having proper relationships with people. Of course she is entitled to her opinion and personal beliefs.

Don’t get dragged down

My feeling is those that are capable of forming strong bonds with animals are special. I believe we are going back to that childlike state of wonder.

Protecting our mental health particularly in difficult times is essential . In light of the recent pandemic, falling into the rut of ignoring what good there is to see and enjoy is easy. Coupled with all the changes to our lives and relationships it’s easy to become disorientated. Directions we thought we were certain to travel now have changed. Instead of concentrating on the inconvenience, loss and pain brought by the recent 2 years. Looking at the ways in which being at home with our families gave us memories we would not have gained. Precious time with people and of course pets that we would have taken for granted.

The pandemic should have taught us not to take anyone in our lives for granted. Lives have been broken and enhanced by the changes brought.

The Ripple effect

One event always has the effect of kicking off others. Every so often we have to have an event that causes the ripple effect. Recent changes in Afghanistan will cause many ripples around the world. Possibly not all good. Coupled with the global ripples caused by the covid pandemic, it’s safe to say that our lives will change forever. That’s not all bad. Positive changes will come from all things. It’s the ability to see them that will matter.