Dissociation... we all do it

Do you dissociate ? Many of us don’t even realise we are doing it until we actually look at the symptoms. It’s that time you go into another room and your mind goes blank with what you went in there for. The day that everything is kicking off and every room you walk into. There you are standing in the doorway thinking, “what the hell did I come in here for?” That’s because your mind is full of the things that are happening that day. Your mind cuts out the tasks it sees as arbitrary.

You feel like you are having an out of body experience. Momentarily we wonder if we are awake or dreaming, More over what is real and what isn’t. Similarly we can almost watch ourselves do things.

Dissociation… we all do it many of us don't even realise we are doing it until we actually look at the symptoms.

Do you dissociate ?

From a personal point of view, the distorted perception of time is something I am known for and people just think it’s being rude. The problem is, it not something I do in order to be rude. Genuinely it’s a skewed perception of time and how long it takes me to do something or get to a place. I actually think time moves much slower than it does. Always thinking I have more time than I actually have to get there.

it can be a feeling of “zoning out” when doing something that doesn’t require too much thought because your mind is taking the opportunity to sort some of your thoughts out.

Do you dissociate ? there are more disorders than you think



There was a time when I thought being emotionally numb was the best thing ever. I was wrong. It’s a fact that unless you are a psychopath it’s an illusion. Anti depressants and other such medication can get you back to your daily routine after being debilitated. When the pain is so great, you simply have no choice. However the longer that lovely feeling of “numb” lasts, the longer it takes to sift through what will be racing to the surface sooner or later. Learn from my experience and make it sooner.

It’s so easy when you have been on the floor being kicked , to put off the day when you know that pain will come to surface. Many just stay where they are. But it’s a real shame when you deny yourself the sheer joy of feeling alive. Pain reminds us how strong we are and need to continue being. Pain reminds us that happiness is a privilege we appreciate when we find it. You don’t recognise happiness until you have been through pain.

do you dissociate

Dissociation can get to the point where you separate from the real you. As a matter of fact you can become someone completely different and not even know it. Learn from my mistake and try your best not to let that happen. GP’s are very busy people and that cannot be denied. So once you have been diagnosed with a disorder that involves dissociation. Moving forward, when the medication has done it’s job, generally after a year, then take advice about how to bring the dosage down slowly and safely so that you don’t lose who you really are.

It’s too easy to be left on a repeat prescription. Don’t go there.