life as we knew it
did life as we knew it change forever on March 23rd 2020

Are you living a life that is “true”

Did life as we knew it change forever on March 23rd 2020 when the country went into lockdown. Could society have carried on as it was ? personally I don’t think so. So are you living the life you should be? Are you being “true” to you?

Going back to basics

At some point we would have to go back to basics and learn the value of life again. What was more important to us? who is more important to us? The planet has always gone in cycles, in everyway, history repeats itself, and why? because we are supposed to learn.

If you live the “perfect “life as other’s see it, then what have you actually achieved? Suddenly I knew what it meant to be truly mindful. Not just what WE feel as an individual. Being true to yourself and taking in what is around you everyday. Not taking anything for granted.

So what does being “true” to yourself actually mean ?

what do you see in this photo?

What do you see in the above photo?

1: someone who is in a beautiful place on this planet ? yes

2: does she look happy? yes

3: was she ? absolutely not

4: does a camera lie ? most definitely.

5: was I being “true “to myself at that point in life ? not a chance

Not being true to ourselves was making us both miserable. waste of time? let’s turn every negative into positive. I learned so much from that particular relationship more over about myself that really wasn’t very “true” at all.

So with “true ” being the opposite of false. With positive being the opposite of negative. Try turning every false into “true”.

Followed by every negative into a positive and see how much happier you are.

so sit and think on it

So before the pandemic, was society “true” to itself?

Did we need the wake up call it gave us ?

have we started slipping already?

What do you think ?