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Connections between people and another endless subject

Connections between people.

Explaining our connections with others

I count myself as exceptionally lucky. There are a few people around me that say I always seem to know when to show up. Even when I may not have seen them for while, they will have suddenly popped into my head and every time I message to ask if they're okay they always reply "how the hell did you know" 

The answer is I've got no idea. It just happens. The thing so many people experience, when you think of someone as the phone rings. It has to be some kind of signal we send and receive to each other without even knowing it. This means its subconscious. This part of the mind is the most powerful can control our behaviour to a point where it over powers are conscious mind this can be negative and positive. Some mental illness causes behaviour that the overall majority of society finds acceptable. 

Never walk the garden path by moonlight

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Many people are affected to a greater or lesser degree by the full moon. Gravitational pull over the Earth affects us just like it does the tide. In some it  can play a big part in a persons behaviour to a point that is not just unacceptable but deadly! If you research into most serial killers, many of them commit their crimes on the full moon. The psych wards are brimming with people who have strange behaviour that coincides with the full moon. Schizophrenia is a condition that tends to run with the moon cycle. Hence the word lunatic! A lot of women say their menstrual cycle goes with the moon and its cycle. It could be argued that the moon has mystical qualities. The world of the paranormal is very much dependent on the moon cycle. The moon is also connected to deceit.

My grandmother always said "never walk the garden path by moonlight "what she meant by this was that nothing ever looks the same in broad daylight. How many times have you laid awake at night worrying or thinking about things but then seem quite different when you wake up in the morning.  your body is at its lowest energy and you are more likely to feel depressed and anxious at night. The morning always shines more light on something that may be line heavy on your mind. But that is easier said than done. Night there is a very little noise and there's generally nobody to talk to, so everything goes round and round in your head.

Watch out for the downward vortex

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Our Shadow side
Anything already negative can become like a downward vortex very quickly. This can cause physical and mental illness that dreams can reflect our state of mind while sleeping. Our dreams are significant because they show us images from subconscious. Some like to keep a dream journal. Which can be very useful if we are having a period of dreams or nightmares that we find disturbing.

I know that when I suffered with harsh physical symptoms brought on by severe anxiety. Symptoms were always much worse in the morning. This can only have been because my subconscious was chewing over any worries whilst I was asleep. That was when I was asleep! My sleep was quite often disturbed at those times and I would indeed "walk the garden path by Moonlight ". The fact is that I walking that garden path for moonlight stressed myself to a point where by the time I woke up in the morning, I was feeling highly nauseous and generally passed out after making myself vomit several times.