With too many young people being labelled as ” difficult” when they are merely “alive ” is awful. Agreed when young people are the future we need to make they reach their potential. Survival is all about adaption and being resourceful. The current times are very uncertain and it worries me that we are too busy worrying about which disorder our children are suffering from and teach them to survive. Education is extremely important. However when we say that word, we immediately imagine A levels and degrees. How many letters someone can get after their name. Education is about being able to be resourceful and adapt to the drastic changes we are all seeing. Indeed life can change overnight and we are not teaching our children to cope with “life”.

chanelling restless energy
SUPPRESSED EMOTION everything is redeemable


Some of the most famous restless souls were deemed as “insane” or “different”. As a matter of fact that to be extraordinary you have to be just that. Needless to say, going with the rest of the herd doesn’t make anything you say or do stand out. Gifted with two extraordinary children I am clearly biased. However they are both restless souls and far from lacking intelligence. As a result they were both labelled “difficult” for not following the herd at school. Didn’t stop them gaining an education. Now graduating at the university of life.,Bedt

Both types of education are essential. Exceptional children are not weird or difficult, as a matter of fact they are trial blazers. Survivors of the future. These young people are going to be paying for the mistakes of man in the last year particularly, for decades to come. They will need to be “different” and have the ability to think outside of the normal flow. Helping them to channel any passionate energy they display will help through what is going to be a difficult future. Showing compassion and empathy will become a survival technique. Self awareness and the confidence to follow their hearts will save the future of society from catapulting backwards.,have%20huge%20hearts%20but%20sometimes%20give%20too%


Again we come back to our old faithful the empath. Matter of fact that many people are empaths and not aware of it. Feelings of fatigue and burn out. Feeling emotions that don’t seem to corelate with anything in your life. Emotions not feeling like they belong to you. Seemingly mental connections with others, especially those we are close to. Comparatively strong emotions relating to others around us.

stay as balanced as possible

The pandemic is an opportunity to connect with each other and change the collective energy we give out. Not only would it change the collective energy around us all. Similarly it would help our young people to realise that their extraordinary abilities are not a hinderance but an asset. Furthermore, instead of feeling they have a disability. When diagnosed with an attention deficit they can see they are set aside from the herd for a reason. In fact they will change the future.


In light of the current global situation, self awareness is a skill everyone could do with. Likewise we need to encourage our children to find where to lay their anchor. More over they each have a place where they will fit in and seem to be the missing jigsaw piece in a puzzle. They are not the piece that doesn’t fit anywhere, they are the missing piece to a puzzle waiting for them.