Can you tell the difference between ego and the real ?
Would you prefer your relationships to be real ?

Can you tell the difference between ego and the real ? Ego can so easily get in the way of who we really are. So how can you tell the difference between the real person and their ego? Some project and ego so strong that it is difficult to see past it when you first meet someone. Falling in love with an ego? is that possible?

Can you tell the difference between ego and the real ?

Relationships of any kind are difficult and complex due to the individuals involved. Looking at any couple you think you see two people. Actually there is more. You have the two real people and two egos. Trick is to get passed the ego in anybody you have to first drop your guard. Easier said than done. Allowing another to come to you with your heart open is one of the most difficult battles we face. Trusting another enough to first drop your own ego and then your guard takes great strength.

love needs a solid foundation

Love needs a solid foundation

Love takes a blind leap of faith. to drop your guard enough to let your chosen loved one see the real you takes all the ingredients of a loving relationship. Trust, respect, honesty, belief. Without these the relationship will not survive. So how do we learn to trust? especially if your trust has been broken before. It has taken me to the age of 51 to realise it’s not learning to trust others that is difficult as they are all individuals and should be treated as such. We have to learn to trust ourselves. When we trust a person that has broken that trust it is not our judgement that is wrong. It is a flaw in their character that led to the damage. Just because one person betrayed that trust doesn’t mean the next will. The ability to give your trust to another is something to be proud of. If they choose to betray that it is their lack of judgement not yours.

allow love to grow

Allow love to come to you because it will come from the right people. Allow your trust to be your filter for those who deserve it. Those that do will cherish it. You can’t assume that you can trust another because they are family or say they are your friend. Love is of duty or obligation. It gravitates to where it is welcome. Love can only enter your heart if it is open. Locking it away because one unworthy fool scared it. Allow it to heal and then be open once more. Don’t allow ego to take over and become all you are. It’s not real. Any connection where you open your heart and it is filled with love is real.