Back burner relationships. Most people either have a “Back burner relationship” or are the back burner. So what is it? Many of those in a marriage or committed relationship have a friendship in the background with someone they are attracted to. Whether consciously or subconsciously they carry a flame for this person.

Do you have a “Back Burner”?

In a marriage or committed long term relationship? plodding along and mainly content but have that nagging thought that one day it could go wrong? Everyone needs a Plan B right ? Needing a stable relationship in your life is not unusual. Not many people like to face the thought of living alone, particularly as they approach middle or old age. In light of this possibility Plan B may get taken off the bench. Finding “The One” is not as easy as it sounds. Coupled with the increasingly complicated society we live in, that task has become almost impossible. Is there now any one person for us or are we now more likely to have more than one significant other.

RELATIONSHIPS..are we meant to meet certain people ?

Back burner relationships

Are you the “Back burner “. Plan B may seem like an unfair position to be in. Not really an affair. Likely just a friendship with someone who has designs on taking things further with you if they become single. Someone that texts you alot and you are attracted to each other. Coupled with both of you having thoughts of being a couple should anything go wrong with the primary relationship. In light of there being so many different ideas surrounding relationships these days it’s difficult to know what actually constitutes a “relationship”. Indeed what type of relationship you are looking for and what is right for you. sounding so simple but can be one of the biggest challenges we face. What’s the difference between an affair and a back burner relationship?

When is it “love”?

Having come to believe that there are so many levels of love and the way in which we apply it to our relationships. Many lead double lives and manage to run two intimate relationships alongside each other. Which this in mind what is tolerable for some isn’t for others. If we are truly in love with our partners then surely we don’t need anyone else. The fact is that we have different needs and desires. One relationship my serve us in one respect and not in another. What do we do? we go and complicate matters with a Plan B. This can be a subconscious trait where we need to be in contact with one or more people that we are attracted to in some way but keep at arms length in case we should become single. For some it merely serves a need to feel attractive to others even when “off the market ” so to speak.