ARE YOU LIVING WITH REPRESSED EMOTION ? the answer to that is yes because we all are to some degree. The unconscious mind is full of childhood images and emotions that make us who we are. Some pleasant and some not. There has to be a balance of both. Life is full of ups and downs, so we need the tools and strength to deal with them. We can’t do that and survive if we believe from childhood that the world is some kind of paradise.

bedtime stories

None of us like the idea of our children suffering in any way. Our natural instinct leads us to protect them at all costs. Unless there is something seriously wrong with you, we all hate to see our kids upset or afraid. Childhood trauma stays in the unconscious mind but it prepares us for adult life. Every storm we weather makes us so much stronger. The other side of the coin is that some traumas leave a mark that is detrimental to our mental health and can produce some serious issues in later life. These scars can put the bearer through a cycle of trashed relationships and depression.

emotional repression
emotional repression

In the main we are not aware that we repress emotions. They become embedded in the psyche and we think we have forgotten them. We push them so far down that we think if we do that, they will go away. WRONG. Emotional repression is a medical condition where you are incapable of expressing emotions. Your become emotionally withdrawn and isolated.


Emotions and thought processes become repressed when we refuse to acknowledge them. We don’t have to try and remove them as they are part of who we are. Refusal to acknowledge will drive them deeper into the unconscious mind. Once there they can be irretrievable and damaging.