Anger and aggression

Anger and aggression are not primary emotions. They evolve from primary emotions or frustration and/ or pain.

The first thing to get straight is Anger is not a psychological condition. It is purely a behavioral response to an emotion. You choose to get angry. It is controllable. Aggression is the next step on from anger. Anger and aggression can be suppressed as far as the unconscious mind. It can be damaging on a psychological level and physical. As a matter of fact the physical symptoms of anger are many. More than you might think.

Anger and aggression… physical changes

1: headaches and migraines, 2: Back pain, 3: stomach upset, 4: trembling, 5: Sweating, 6: difficulty sleeping. These are cause d by the build up of stress in the body. Cortisol is the worst for it. Similarly the following mental changes will be brought about by anger and the emotions that started it.

Anger and aggression
Aggression can drain those around you of their self esteem,

Anger and aggression… create the following mental changes. 1: outbursts that seem to come from nowhere.2: panic and anxiety attacks. 3: Mood swings and irritability that stems from overwhelm. By the same token depression will follow all the above. 4: poor concentration or brain fog can accompany the headaches and general overwhelm. 5: lack of confidence stemming from the worry of losing control. This fear is not real, we can all stop ourselves losing that control over our temper. We are all strong enough to control our own mind. Coupled with lack of confidence and trust in yourself will almost certainly be followed closely by social withdrawal.

We do know that anger and aggression is innate. Going back to toddler tantrums that generally start with frustration. Generally at not getting their own way or not being able to complete a task the first time. It’s true enough that many adults never grow out of that stage. I know many adults that still have tantrums. As humans we are not good at dealing with physical or emotion pain. Both are unpleasant and so we show frustration at being put through either types of pain. More over if we feel another person is responsible for our pain.

Manifest anger

Aggression is the manifestation of anger. In light of what we now know about that then the playing out is a kind of tantrum. In addition to that is a tantrum a form of narcissism ? We are angry that something or someone has made us feel pain of some sort. In light of that, the are we dealing with latent anger that has been suppressed from a previous event. Therefore the manifestation of aggression is born from the present event causing pain and the latent anger.

The way we express anger is learnt behavior. As a matter of fact we watch our parents express different emotions and without even knowing it. We then subconsciously develop our own version of that character trait. If we have a parent that shows frustration with violence then it is likely that we will display it in some form.