age related memory loss
The passing of time and how we change

As the universe turns and the passing of time wastes the bodies we inhabit, our brains seem to start acting like a slow computer hard drive. The three parts of the mind, conscious, pre conscious and subconscious are housed within an organic organ. Anything organic decomposes with time. .Memory Loss and how do we lose memories ?

Do you have an elderly relative losing their memory?

It can be very distressing for the family of those who are aging . Losing the memories they have collected over that lifetime. Shortly before passing, my grandmother didn’t know who I was. That is a strange and upsetting feeling . Does it comfort you to know that they can’t help it? As the brain slowly starts to die it turns off parts of the brain. anything not essential to daily routine and concentrates on the tasks we take for granted. The brain tells us to breathe, blink our eyes, all sorts of body movements that we do without thinking consciously.

losing memories
losing parts of your brain and memories can feel like part of you is actually missing

It can feel like there is a part of you missing ?

It feels like they physically have a piece of them missing. That part of them is not missing. It’s just that they can’t find it. You are in there somewhere. We must realise that what we are feeling is not important at that time. Focus on the time you spend with them. In the long term you will feel better. Part of you is not missing. Of the many age related conditions, memory loss is inevitable.

Age regression

Age regression due “shut down ” of the brain results in the person starting to behave like a child again. it’s quite distressing for them. Some feel a loss of pride and dignity. We will all get there one day. How would you feel if you stop going to see them? Worse or better ? How will they feel ? Short snippets of memory come back.

everything is still in there
you and all the memories come back whilst alone and quiet

Don’t give up

It is like hitting your head on a brick wall. Don’t give up. Take time to talk about the good times. in “alone” time they will remember. Next time you visit …..