A day of reflection here in Britain. Life will never be the same in this country. The longest reigning Monarch was laid to rest next to the love of her life. The grief was contrasted with the gratitude we all feel for Queen Elizabeth II. A woman that pledged her whole life at the age of 21 to the service of her country and it’s people. Nobody can say that she didn’t keep that promise to the full and without a single blemish. Respected around the globe there are likely to be a great many changes moving forward.

A great female role model.

Even if you’re not a royalist the Queen was a stable role model for all of us and especially women. Her devotion to duty and managing to juggle being the Head of State, Wife and mother. Head of the Commonwealth and only 26 when she became Queen. Our late Sovereign was “girl power” magnified a thousand times. Always there, many of didn’t realise the effect she had on our lives. Some how if the Queen told us everything would be alright we believed her. Being a fellow dog lover I imagine her being stampeded on the Rainbow bridge by a million Corgis and horses. Nevertheless a person that has that kind of affinity with animals is always compassionate and down to earth.

In addition to running our great country she was passionate about how the rest of the world saw us. Losing the Queen will mean that King Charles III will have a hard job following in her footsteps. Not the easiest act to follow, he will need to carve his own way of being original and outstanding

A day of reflection here in Britain

Our sovereign had the art of transformation and adaption down to a fine art. Coupled with there being so many challenges and difficult times for her to steer us through where the country was concerned, There were many times when her own family had it’s crises. I for one could learn a lot from the way Her Majesty juggled so much and didn’t let her personal emotions get in the way of her job. Duty first, self second. Indeed on the occasion she put her family ( namely her grandchildren ) first, many of the public were furious. It’s a not so pleasant side of the human condition.

The British public were hurting at the loss of Princess Diana and we expected the Queen to put the public before her grandchildren. Now we have lost her and it should be noted that two days before she passed away she swore in Liz Truss! She promised to serve us for her whole life and she kept that promise to extreme. So in my opinion it was not ok to take it out on her when we all grieved for Diana.

When you think about it though….

We all saw the Queen as a mother figure and received unconditional love and compassion from her. In that case, when the nation was hurting we lashed out at the one person we knew would forgive us. This great lady taught us so many things that we will miss for years to come. You truly were a one off Ma’am. During the pandemic she appeared on television and let us know that it would all be ok in the end.


A day of reflection here in Britain

Being a year of personal difficulties, the Queen’s funeral was definitely a day of reflection for me. There was a heavy silence in the air that was fringed by sadness. The end of an era. We took her granted as she was always in the background. Like our own parents. Losing my own mother this year I realise that even if we are not particularly close, you never know how someone impacts your life until they’ve gone.

Missing silly things like the phone ringing just when you don’t want it to. Then when it stops ringing permanently, you wish you never rolled your eyes at the sound. I never met the Queen but had the upmost respect and admiration for her. In my own mother I admired her strength and tenacity. We very rarely saw eye to eye but now she is gone from my life who do I argue with?

When they're gone .. How to feel ?

who can I purposely disagree with just because I can? Just like I had been since the age of 12. 40 years of a thwarted child plying for her mother’s attention. So many of us looked to her Majesty as a source of comfort and stability. Christmas will not be the same this year for so many reasons.

The flip side

The flip side is whether it is fair of us to dismiss the new era without giving it a chance? take the lessons we have learnt and make sure we look back occasionally in gratitude. So thank you Ma’am for all your years of service. Your undying compassion and strength. For never giving up on us. Thank you also to my Mum for turning me into a survivor and fighter. You always called me ” Scarlett O’Hara” with my “never let the bastards grind me into the dust ” attitude. How I always manage to make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

Every significant relationship we cultivate has a purpose. If we look hard enough and listen well enough there is a reason for every single one. Even what seems like a difficult or negative connection can teach us and they are often the people we learn the most from. Just like the pandemic triggered many to rethink their careers, relationships and lives. The passing of her Majesty seems to be causing the same thing. We will all miss her.