fear of a storm
COVID- 19 change life as we knew it?

2020… APOCOLYPTIC? did COVID 19 and 2020 change the way we live forever?

2020… APOCOLYPTIC? WILL WE COPE ? We always talk of the apocalypse. An event from which we never go back to the way we lived before it happened. 2020 has been one of those times. Movies showing natural disasters from space and zombies. Many changes to our routines that probably will never be the same again. Coping With Change – Facing Fear and the “New Normal” (mindtools.com)

life is a journey


Routine is thrown up in the air. Securities are suddenly threatened. Thinking we were on a beautiful, easy road is suddenly a mine field. Importantly is it covid 19 that’s the real pandemic ? In light of the way many people are reacting to it, attitude is the problem. As well as the attitude of entitlement that seems to be rife. Of course we are all confused and anxious about the future. Open ended lockdowns are never a good thing. Furlough can only go on for so long before the country gets into bigger problems. Dying of covid or ambition? Likewise in my capacity as a driving school owner, the arguments from some have been surreal.


2020… APOCOLYPTIC? WILL WE COPE ? …..is narcissism the real pandemic

is narcissism the real pandemic

Have we become more narcissistic ? in light of the way many are reacting to the restrictions imposed to slow down the virus, a tsunami of narcissism is taking over. ” I’m entitled to do as I please ” merchants. Of course under normal circumstances liberty is something man has fought for since time began. However what is the point of having government, rules and laws to keep things running smoothly if our sole objective is to fight against it. Society as a whole only seem happy when things are going our way. In fact as soon as we are told something we don’t like , age regression swiftly takes place and we all revert back to a toddler that can’t have sweets.

2020… APOCOLYPTIC? WILL WE COPE ? nation of tantrums

Including myself in this observation, likewise there have been days recently when I have fallen into this category. In fact when I think back just a few short years, I was in a much worse situation. Interestingly though I realize that my mindset of ” I am the only person to have ever got myself into this kind of situation ” was a little narcissistic in itself. Far from being the only one in the crap, I look around now and many are in that same situation. As a matter of fact the same one many of them looked down their nose at me for. In like manner then should we all, faced with the current global issues being thinking more before acting and in more cases speaking.

I love perfect people, said nobody ever !!

It’s a fine line to walk between self confidence and arrogance. Between self righteousness and hypocrisy. Self love and narcissism. Nobody can say in honestly that they have never shown any of the above less attractive character traits. I certainly can’t. None of us like looking back and seeing that in reality we have done and said things on a bad day that are cringe worthy. Of course we know that when we have hurt another person there is no taking it back, however we can learn from it and try not to repeat it. A significant number of the population however just don’t look back and view some of their behavior in their past as wrong. Managing to self justify every single indiscretion to date and more over find a scapegoat to pin it on. Hell will freeze over before they admit they were wrong.

Broken Heart with Band Aid


2020… APOCOLYPTIC? WILL WE COPE ? is the pandemic a time for self reflection from ALL off us?

Is the current situation that restricts our liberty, finances and relationships really about introspection and self reflection ? Have we had it too good? Been brought up to believe we are entitled to whatever we damn well please? Next time we are in tesco and we see someone who looks stressed and unhappy, should we try not to judge? they may be very worried about a family member who is ill. Likewise they may have lost their job and wondering how they will make the next grocery shop. What if they have just received the news that a friend has been made homeless? Even worse they could be grieving. Before jumping to conclusions maybe we could just wait a second longer. React when you have facts or don’t react at all. If it’s not something you would want said to you in the same situation don’t say it.

so here we are in lockdown three

So here we are in lockdown 3. Are we missing the point here? At the risk of sarcasm, yes we are!! More over , every single one of us is guilty of it. If you are looking at this and thinking ” no that doesn’t apply to me ” may I refer you back a couple of paragraphs !! The fact that this issue keeps repeating itself means we are not listening to what we are being taught here. So let’s pin back our lugholes and do some self reflection.